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Free Space

2010-03-10 20:56:09 by zcaar

Yaay! Sorry I haven't uploaded my 2nd GM Tutorial yet, but me and my buddy Mikkim are working on a game together, called Free Space, which will have multiple versions. We're hoping to make a NG Flash version, a Facebook FBML Flash Version, and a plain ol' executable version. The Executable version will be entirely different from the NG and FBML versions, which will be similar to each other. The executable will have a story line and a bunch more features, but the flash versions will mostly be Freeplay with FBML features in the facebook one like posting your score and stuff, and a high score table in the NG one, etc. Also, the NG version will have different enemies, while the Facebook version will have different weapons. Anyways, just try em all! Free Space is about an alien invasion.... from the point of view of an alien! That's right! The humans are invading! The humans are invading! We hope to finish a beta version by 2011 (for the executable version, the Flash versions will probably come out around 2012). In the flash versions, you're just an alien beating up some spaceships, while in the exe version, there are 3 different storylines: the first is at the beginning of the invasion, when the humans are just about done cleaning up their own galaxy, and you are chosen to explore the galaxies, looking for inhabitable planets. You find one, and report back to earth, and the invasion begins. Then, the story-line switches over, and you are a lonely alien peasant who needs to stop the humans from invading your planet! Finally, the viewpoint switches over to the alien king, who must unleash his secret weapon to save all of his planet from certain doom-ination. Well, that's all I can say for now! Bye!

P.S. Look for the next GM tutorials (3 coming out in a row) soon!

And Another Thing.....

2010-01-08 20:08:24 by zcaar

Hey guys! I just started to learn some AS (3) a while ago, so now I'm working on a mini little video. It's just a little test, where there'll be a little TV which you can turn on and watch a short video. It's main purpose is just to help me practice using some Actionscript, although it will contain little code. Anyways, It'll probably come out this sunday, and will delay the New GM tutorial(s) from coming out. If anyone wants to know more about Game Maker or wants me to make a specific tutorial about something, PM me! Thanks! Bye.......for now!

You can preview the new movie on my Website!


2010-01-07 20:16:06 by zcaar

Sorry, Folks, but the next GM tutorial will be coming around next week! The old file got corrupted, so I had to start all over again! It really sucked! Anyways, #3 will be coming out soon after #2, maybe at the same time! Well, see ya later!

P.S. The 2nd one may come out this weekend, but it's not very likely...

I forgot to make a Ho-ho-holiday post. I'm in New Mexico right now celebrating Christmahanuukah with my friends. I got some cool stuff for Christmahannukah, like The Missing Manual: Dreamweaver CS4, some Pearls Before Swine Treasuries, and some Walking Dead books. I got a lot of books! LOL. Anyways, read my previous post to learn about my new flash submissions! Well, happy holidays!

New Flash Submission.....with another coming soon!

2009-12-26 19:29:29 by zcaar

I just posted a new tutorial for a program called 'Game Maker' (found at Anyways, it's a great explanatory tutorials for beginners, but a bunch of people have been PMing me about the size of the text. Expanding the screen should make it readable, but there is real bad resolution! I saved it as a '.swf' file, but unfortunately, I cannot fix the problem, due to the fact I made the tutorial partly in a program called 'Wink.' It's a fairly new project, created in around 2008, I'm guessing, but the problem is it has a really old UI, and it only let's you save it as Macromedia Flash .swf! What's up with that? Seriously, it's 2009! The creators must be old computer geeks sitting at their desks, having that one phobia of big crowds, and have slow connection to the internet (LOL). (The correct term is 'geek,' which basically means a smart-aleck sort of know-it-all, usually confused with nerd, meaning a person who does things inappropriate for their age or gender, like a boy who plays with barbie dolls. And no, I did not look it up. I should know this, 'cause I'm sort of a geek (Although my friend, mikkim, is a bigger one).) Anyways, back to the point, check out my tutorial, rate, review, and comment/suggest! My next one is coming soon! C U all L8R!

-Zcaar a.k.a Bloblblobl-

EDIT: Oops, here's the link to the tutorial!

Website Changes

2009-10-18 18:35:27 by zcaar

Ok, there have been some changes, I'm now on (made a sort of mistake on the URL). Also, I made a new LJ account, so check me out there (as Bloblblobl

TBA-Right Now!

2009-10-15 21:33:40 by zcaar

You'll notice that I didn't post yesterday, and The title is kind of weird, but I have unfortunate news. Daily Post is being canceled, due to the fact of me not having enough time to post every day. I will once again start Daily Posting during the summer, but currently, I think weekly posts are good enough. Anyways, C U L8R.

Daily Post 14

2009-10-15 01:02:29 by zcaar

Daily Post 14
{HeLLo, tHis MeSSaGe iS fOr DAiLy PoSt ReadERS OnlY}

I will count 14 as a magical number, because it is 12 + 2, and 7*2, and it is also 2 weeks from the first daily post! I made a new song, //--W--\\, which was supposed to be a fiesta sort of theme, but I ruined it with Sytrus. Apparently, I accidently replaced the drums with Sytrus. Ooops. Anyway, Spiral is still being worked on, but scarcely. On to 2 chapters of Morpher!

Morpher; Chapter 8 & 9
Welcome back, Z
Z had finally made it to the 'mythical' world. The Mythical world was based in a small wooden hut in the sahara desert (unseen to travellers, unless they are trying to see it, which then it only flickers into view). The room behind the door is actually a perception trick. To faeries, it is a planet sized continent. To people who happen to look for it and enter the flickering hut, it is a bare room. The world was basically 78% forest, 12% ocean, 5% ice, and 5% plain. Z stalked into a forest, searching for some patch imp tribes, his favorite food. Patch imps were thumb-sized creatures that always travelled in tribes, but were known to devour a single Tregg in a minute (a Tregg is a mammoth-sized mammoth, that's green). They mostly attacked sleeping prey. Z stalked and pounced on a tribe of 50 patch imps. He devoured them up in 2 seconds. Ah, good ol' days! He hadn't been in his own world since a little argument he had with one of his 254 siblings (4 were girls......the rest? Boys!), an unnaturaly violent fight about an ancient vase from Z's deceased girlfriend, which had somehow "fell down into the garbage disposal while it was on." He was caught by the morphers minutes after leaving Germany. But Z needed to talk to someone. His cousin, actually. The most ruthless criminal in the Manifrein Plains. He needed some revenge, and some persuasion skills.........

Miles away, Z's cousin, Mak'heer, was carrying a bag of jewels, running for his life. He was being chased by 2 very angry museum clerks, which were unfortunately Poills. Poills were the fastest birdlike humanoids in the universe, their minimum speed a little over 200 mph. Luckily, Mak'heer was feeling fast today, and they weren't. Mak'heer's criminal life started when he first learned how to shoot a gun when he was 3 years old (which led to a crippled dwarf and a lawsuit). Ever sense, he was obsessed with weapons and poisons, and crime. Little did he know, he would have a reunion with one of his little cousins soon, his favorite, in fact.....

Well, that's it for today guys, I need to take a shower! ;P

Perfect practice makes perfect

Daily Post 12/13

2009-10-14 00:27:32 by zcaar

Today's posts will be short, due to the fact that I must read!
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Nothing much happened today, but I did finish the hitch hiker's guide to the galaxy, I'm now on the restaurant at the end of the universe. It's very good. I'm still working on Spiral, and I also got the new pixel tool today! BTW if you haven't noticed the number of the post corresponds to the day (or night, or early early morning after), today's the 13th of October, and so is the post number (it's also for yesterday's.)

Still working on Spiral, which will not have sound, but it will have a menu and a preloader (maybe). It's going to be somewhat weird, just so you know.

That's about it for today, but you can expect 2 chapters of Morpher tommorow (no pic 2day)

Daily Post 11

2009-10-11 01:31:06 by zcaar

Daily PoSt 11!-!-!-!
No Morpher today, because today's will be the shortest yet; I don't have much time. My friend is over right now, not Mikkim, and he's really board (teehee, he wants to play a board game). Anyway, there isn't much news, but I am working on a flash about a spiral that doesn't fit in to the human world. A spiral, like loop-loop-loop, not a spirit. I'm not sure when I'll finish it, but I hope it'll be soon. Anyways, I guess that's it, but I'll post a pic.

Daily Post 11