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Free Space

2010-03-10 20:56:09 by zcaar

Yaay! Sorry I haven't uploaded my 2nd GM Tutorial yet, but me and my buddy Mikkim are working on a game together, called Free Space, which will have multiple versions. We're hoping to make a NG Flash version, a Facebook FBML Flash Version, and a plain ol' executable version. The Executable version will be entirely different from the NG and FBML versions, which will be similar to each other. The executable will have a story line and a bunch more features, but the flash versions will mostly be Freeplay with FBML features in the facebook one like posting your score and stuff, and a high score table in the NG one, etc. Also, the NG version will have different enemies, while the Facebook version will have different weapons. Anyways, just try em all! Free Space is about an alien invasion.... from the point of view of an alien! That's right! The humans are invading! The humans are invading! We hope to finish a beta version by 2011 (for the executable version, the Flash versions will probably come out around 2012). In the flash versions, you're just an alien beating up some spaceships, while in the exe version, there are 3 different storylines: the first is at the beginning of the invasion, when the humans are just about done cleaning up their own galaxy, and you are chosen to explore the galaxies, looking for inhabitable planets. You find one, and report back to earth, and the invasion begins. Then, the story-line switches over, and you are a lonely alien peasant who needs to stop the humans from invading your planet! Finally, the viewpoint switches over to the alien king, who must unleash his secret weapon to save all of his planet from certain doom-ination. Well, that's all I can say for now! Bye!

P.S. Look for the next GM tutorials (3 coming out in a row) soon!


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