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Daily Post 5

2009-10-04 19:35:28 by zcaar

Daily Post 5
The number 5 is a magical number. Like 7, 21, 39, 42, 69 (not in thatway), and so on. So for everyone of these magical numbers, I shall make a special song. //--N--\\ is the song for 5. Enjoy it.

Okay, moving on. Today's post will be rather short, because I recently finished part 2 for Daily post #4. There isn't really much new, but mikkim made a new windows song. You should check it out. It sounds cool. Well that's basically it. Let's continue Morpher....

Morpher; Chapter 3
Mor4 continued stealing computers and connected the hard-drives onto one big screen which he made himself from all the monitors he collected. He had 30,000,000 Gigabytes in all. He tried over and over to hack into the faerie internet, but human computers were too primitive, even with 30,000,000 gig. He always failed, and just kept on collecting more and more computers. One day, when Mor4 was out looking for fish in the sea, he heard a strange whooshing sound. He turned quickly, his elven ears straining to hear anything, but all was still. He noticed that, out of nowhere, a little flower had grown behind his back. He turned to head back to his little cave (which, for your information was right under a hut. A specific hut. A rotting hut), for he could not catch any fish, but right before something jumped him! He felt something latch onto his back. He ran around, bellowing at the top of his lungs, trying to rip it off. It hit him on the head, and he was knocked unconscious. The thing dragged him away, along the coastline.



Well, I'll see you tomorrow, guys!



Daily Post 5


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